Spin Lab

Small Spinning Machine with 6/12/18/32 spindles suitable for spinning trials or for making small batches of yarn.
• Available with displacement for cotton, wool, synthetic and blended fibers;
• Possibility of spinning innovative and recycled fibers;
• Digital display for reading the main working stages;
• Fully customizable.

Ring Frame DC2

Twisting machine with dual control, DC2 model, with automatic lift for wool, artificial fibers, synthetic fibers, long fibers, and blends. 
• Customizable spindle count;
• Equipped for flame treatment, with the possibility of adding Lycra center;
• Also available in a single-control version.

Random tubes charger

• Automatic bulk bobbin loader;
• PLC for controlling bobbin loading and transport functions;
• Interface connection with the spinning machine.


Machinery for unwinding the residues from bench tubes up to 450 mm. Extremely simple machine.
• The wick can be unwound simultaneously from 6 tubes and immediately disentangled during passage through a special execution aspirator.
• The teased material can be returned directly to the blend or collected in a recovery container.


Spindle rotating part and spindle base with SKF-TEXParts CS1/CS1-12/HF21/HF3 self-acting bushings for all major types of spinning machines.
• Spindles with spinning head are performed;
• Sample spindles are produced.

Rulli VR

The separating rollers VR play a crucial role in nonwoven processing as they support the production process without compromising the product’s quality.

Pressure Arms

Pressure arms and accessories for fancy machines.